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creating A Violence-Free EBR Parish where everyone can be Safe Hopeful Healthy

Violence is a public health epidemic, and it will spread without both prevention and intervention strategies.

Safe, Hopeful Healthy BR, is a coordinated program with Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome’s Healthy City Initiative. SHHBR is a connector, convener, facilitator, and strategic partner for community organizations, public safety advocates, and young leaders to create a safe, hopeful, and healthy Baton Rouge for all.

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Community is at the center of all change.

Here are a few ways to:
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Attend an ecosystem Meeting

Every 3rd Tuesday from 5pm-7pm, community organizations, and individuals interested in reducing gun violence and addressing challenges in black and brown neighborhoods connect to build solutions, programs, and policy improvements. Dinner is served!

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Learn About Service Opportunities

From community clean-ups and murals to year round service, there are so many ways you can volunteer your time to move Baton Rouge forward.


Join a workgroup

Safe Hopeful Healthy BR community-led initiatives, programs, and ideas are developed through a variety of working groups aimed at developing specific areas of prevention and intervention strategies.


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We're always open to hear your concerns and your feedback on the community we love. Whether you choose to share through a video or the survey, your voice is needed and appreciated.

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Community conversations

We're all about keeping it real, open, and honest with our community. Each voice, yours included, is essential to guide the actions we take together to not just talk about our challenges, but create solutions that work for all citizens of Baton Rouge to move us closer our vision–a Safe Hopeful Healthy Baton Rouge.

Discover Our Approach

SHHBR Updates

The latest news and updates on our work in Baton Rouge

Discover Our Approach


In September 2020, Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome established Safe Hopeful Healthy BR, within the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative, to develop a collective vision and strategy to strengthen coordination, capacity, and partnerships to address the root causes of violence, and to advance policies and practices that are grounded in a culture of health.

By developing a public safety ecosystem, a diverse coalition of stakeholders, including survivors, advocates, and community partners work collaboratively to prevent all forms of violence and promote healing through four pillars:

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Empower Safe & healthy individuals, youth, families, and community

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Build and Revitalize Safe and Hopeful Neighborhoods

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Foster a healthy & hopeful culture of peace

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Build infrastructure for healing-informed policies, practices, and systems


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Public health uses data as a foundation to understand how frequently violence occurs, where it occurs, trends in violence, victims and perpetrators, and then uses this data to engage stakeholders in the development of community solutions to prevent violence, promote healing, and restore communities. Our collective impact work started in 2020 and continue to grows as more partners bring their work to the table for a shared vision of making a Safe, Hopeful, Healthy Baton Rouge for all.

Collective Impact frameworks have five conditions that together produce true alignment and lead to powerful results: a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and a backbone support organization.  SHHBR's backbone agency  is the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative partnered with interagency departments within City-Parish.

East Baton Rouge Parish saw a 23%reduction in gun violence categories after 2 years of monthly, and often time bi-weekly partnered meetings coupled with aligned strategies that are coproduced with community partners that work in mentoring; youth development; mental health; and economic opportunity programs. Although we have observed reductions in both non-fatal and fatal Gun Violence categories from 2021 to 2022, the levels today are still higher than our historical 5 year average.

Our mission prioritizes building capacity for Community-Based strategies and proven methodologies to contribute to an additional 15% Reduction in gun violence,Year Over Year, by utilizing a 3-pronged approach of community-based strategies, and mental health and human services to complement law enforcement.

shhbr timeline

Baton Rouge awarded ReCast Grant to address healing centered and trauma informed practices

Baton Rouge awarded Collective Healing grant to address police and community relationships. Peer partnership with Newark, NJ for Community Violence Intervention, Healing-Centered and Trauma Informed Practices
Baton Rouge Police Dept adopts Procedural Justice framework 

Mayor Broome joins Cities United Network for Safe Healthy Hopeful  Communities
Mayor Broome commits $2.2 Million in CARES Act funding for Community-Based Public Safety
A.G.I.L.E. Planning Solution launches Baton Rouge Community Street Team (BRCST) 

SHHBR Partners with EBRPSS for School Outreach Dream Academy 

SHHBR partners with Big Buddy to launch Safe Hopeful Healthy Classroom Pilot at Glen Oaks High School

Baton Rouge selected for Biden Administration’s Community Violence Intervention Collaborative (CVIC)
SHHBR launches monthly Community-Based Public Safety Ecosystem Meetings 

Activated Summer of Hope 2022 violence reduction strategy

Baton Rouge Awarded $1 Million BRIGHT Grant from Congressman Troy Carter for trauma-healing strategies
Baton Rouge Awarded DOJ/BJA $2 Million Community Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative (CVIPI) Grant 

Mayor Broome $5.5 Million Allocated from American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding for 2023

Participated in Cities United Roadmap Academy
Baton Rouge Selected for Coalition to Advance Public Safety (CAPS) continued investment in Baton Rouge’s CVI landscape by national partners

Summer of Hope

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initiatives at work

initiatives at work

Real change takes real work. From planning our Roadmap to Safety to creating a summer of peace, hope, and opportunity–the work continues. Check out our latest initiatives and how to get involved!

Creating a Safe,
Hopeful Healthy Baton Rouge