Interviews: Voices of Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety

Jordan Howard
December 30, 2023

Safe Hopeful Healthy's Courtney Scott and Jazzika Matthews recently featured on The Downtown Connection across all four Cumulus Radio Shows with Makesha Judson. These interviews shed light on the concerning rate of gun violence in Baton Rouge, the impactful work SHHBR engages in within the community, and ways for individuals to get involved.

“Kudos to Baton Rouge for  Embracing The Support of Outsiders, that helps us grow quicker.” - Jazzika Matthews

Baton Rouge stands as a hub for various endeavors. During the interview, Jazzika pointed out that Baton Rouge has a gift, that very gift makes us susceptible to pushback from those who prefer the status quo. As Courtney highlighted, our commitment lies in deeply valuing our partners. Moreover, prioritizing growth over complaints is our chosen path of action.

We urge you to join us in further collaboration as partners. Together, we can bring knowledge, expanded resources, broader outreach, and innovative solutions to transform systems that were once entangled with and benefited from violence within our communities.

Thank you Markesha Judson & The Downtown Connection For Having Us!

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Jordan Howard
Program Manager-Partnerships